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Anise Seed (Pimpinella Anisum)

Anise Seed
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Botonical Name


Pimpinella Anisum




Country of Origin



Color & Odor


Pale yellow with Mobile liquid Sweet licorice odor



Soluble in alcohol & oil, insoluble in water

Specific Gravity


0.9864 @ 25ºC

Optical Rotation


(+30) + (-30) @ 25ºC

Refractive Index


1.5539 @ 25ºC

Flash Point


232 C

Extraction Method


Steam Distillation


 Testimonial I found this oil miraculous for muscular aches & pains, as last week had a severe muscular pain for which I used this oil and got instant results.

Derick Austin – U.SBotonical Name Pimpinella AnisumExtraction File Detail Pimpinella AnisumCAS # 84775-42-8Country of Origin EgyptColor & Odor Pale yellow with  Mobile liquid Sweet licorice odorSolubility Soluble in alcohol & oil, insoluble in water


Aniseed essential oil is extracted from the seeds of herb Pimpinella anisum (also known as P. officinale & vulgare), of Umbelliferae family. It has pungent liquorice-like smell and is also known by the name of anise & sweet cumin. Its unique properties make it blend well with all essential oils.

Karanja Seed Oil, Karanj Oil.

Cardamom, cedarwood, caraway, coriander, fennel, dill, mandarin, rosewood and petitgrain.

a-pinene, b-pinene, camphene, linalool, trans-anethole, cis-anethole, safrole, acetoanisole and anisaldehyde.

Aniseed oil is useful in the treatment of muscular aches & pains, bronchitis, rheumatism, whooping cough, cramps, colic, flatulence, catarrh, indigestion and hangovers. Being a warm, spicy essential oil, it is also used in aromatherapy for easing the discomfort of introverted & fearful people, while also aiding digestion, boosting lungs & easing migraines and headaches.

A recipient of five "CERTIFICATE OF MERIT" awards from CHEMEXCIL.

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