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Co2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is a process of separation of the miscible liquids. The CO2 forms as a solvent. Owing to its peculiar properties to exist in different forms with respect to the temperature & pressure, CO2 Extraction is used in the extraction of the aromatic compounds. The CO2 can exist in the frozen form also. It is called dry ice in the solid state. At STP(Standard Temperature Pressure) CO2 is a gas. At a particular pressure temperature & pressure the CO2 become fluid. This increased temperature & pressure is called the critical point of CO2.

Types of CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is basically of two types. Process

The highly technical process of Supercritical or liquid CO2 is illustrated by the heavy apparatus taken into account. The extraction vessel, evaporator, separator, pump, condenser & storage vessel all work together to make the process simplified. The plant material is put in a pressure vessel. Pumping is done on the CO2 liquefied gas or liquid solvent at a specific pressure and temperature called the critical point. The pressure so formed forces the solvent into the wall of the cells of the botanical and separates the desired constituent rapidly. The fluid so formed from CO2 enhances the solvent characteristics.


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